Information for Card Holders

This page contains important information regarding regulations and fishing waters for card holders. Please read this page carefully before you start fishing.

Day, week, or season fishing licence for Silkeborg Fiskeriforening can be purchased online at


Where to fish

Here is a list of Silkeborg Fishing Association’s waters. The association has completely or partially right of disposal of the waters. It is important that you get acquainted with the places where you are permitted to fish and where you are not. It is indicated on the maps with colours the type of access a location has. This legend explains the meaning of the various colours.

The lakes

The streams

Fishing seasons & limits

The following closed seasons and minimum sizes are applicable in all Silkeborg Fishing Association’s waters:

Closed season
Species Minimum size Start End
Salmon (freshwater) 400 mm Nov 16 Feb 28 (29)
Sea & lake trout 400 mm Nov 16 Feb 28 (29)
Brown trout 300 mm Nov 16 Feb 28 (29)
Rainbow trout No minimum size Open year-round
European whitefish & vendace 360 mm Nov 1 Jan 31
Grayling Closed year-round
Houting Closed year-round
Zander / pike-perch 500 mm May 1 May 31
Pike 600 mm Mar 15 Apr 30
Eel 450 mm Open year-round
Crayfish (female) 90 mm Oct 1 Jul 31
Crayfish (male) 90 mm Oct 1 Mar 31

Fishing licence

The fishing licence can be purchased online at

Fishing rules

The rules of fishing in Silkeborg Fishing Association’s waters according to the articles of the Silkeborg Fishing Association § 3 section 10.

The board of Silkeborg Fishing Association prepare the necessary circulars and rules for the operation of the association and the exercise of fishing in accordance with the Fisheries Act, with regards to fish stocks, environmental rules and contractual terms.

The following rules for fishing are valid from January 1 2020

  1. Members and holders of day, week, and year cards are only permitted to engage in sports fishing, which refers to: fishing with a rod or just a line, “kolpning” (a special fishing rod which is used in Jutland), spinning, lure fishing, trolling, and other normally recognised fishing activities, with or without a rod.

    The board of Silkeborg Fishing Association will decide what constitutes sports fishing in cases where there is any doubt.

    All other types of fishing using nets, floats, long lines, or the like, are strictly prohibited.

    You must not leave any fishing gear unattended while fishing.

  2. A maximum of three pike-perch, river-, lake-, sea trout or salmon may be caught per day.

    Pre-baiting is prohibited in Silkeborg Fishing Association’s waters.

    Fishing with bait fish, live or dead, is only permitted if the bait fish are caught in the same water. It is also prohibited to use trout, no matter what species, as bait fish!

    Fishing with multiple rods must not exclude or impede other people’s opportunities for fishing (for example, fishing with several rods over a larger area and thereby prevent others from fishing).

    Day, week, or season cards provide only the right to fish in waters that are not reserved for members.

    Children under 15 years of age are permitted to fish without a fishing card, except Skygge Å, Funder Å and Karup Å which are reserved for members.

    All fishing from Langebro and within 50 metres of legally placed commercial fishing equipment, fish ladders and rapids is prohibited.

    Special regulations apply to the rapids at Silkeborg Papirfabrik. There are signs in the area with information. See also for information regarding areas where fishing is permitted.

    It is not allowed for members and card holders to fish in Silkeborg Fishing Association’s waters in connection with participation in fishing competitions that are not held, or have not been authorized by Silkeborg Fishing Association.

  3. Boating:
    Regulations for fishing from boats in the Gudenå system must be observed. For example all motorboats must have a license number or a guest number (see However, the special rules for the waters at Ry Nørskov Gods must be observed.

    Motorboats (including electric motor powered boats) are prohibited in Ellesø, Uglsø, Ørnsø, Tranevig, Pøtsø, Lillesø (Sortsø) and Lyngsø. Boating with electric motor is, however, allowed in Thorsø.

    It is strictly forbidden to bring any kind of boat in Slåensø. The same applies to float tubes.

  4. Traffic on land:
    Motor vehicle access and parking on Trækstien and in the meadows alongside Gudenåen to Kongensbro is strictly prohibited. Fishing from motorboats (including electric-motor-powered boats) in Gudenåen is also prohibited between Ringvejsbroen (the ring road bridge) in Silkeborg and Kongensbro.

    Campfires are strictly prohibited alongside the association’s waters, except at the fireplaces set up by the Danish Forest and Nature Agency (Naturstyrelsen). Anyone who lights a campfire outside these approved fireplaces will immediately have their fishing card confiscated, and will be ordered to leave the area, excluded from the association, and reported to the police.

    Dogs are not permitted in the association’s leased areas, except where signs show public access is permitted for dogs.

    Skygge Å (members only):
    All motor vehicles are strictly prohibited from driving on the road from the boom below “Jacob Jensens gård” and down to Skygge Å. Please use the parking lot.

    You must respect the boundaries of the fishing waters shown on the maps, as well as signs at streams and lakes.You must respect the property and private life of property owners, including any “no entry” (adgang forbudt) or other signs. You must not damage traps, nets, fences, grass or crops of any kind.

  5. Special regulations for the waters in the vicinity of Ry Nørskov Manor:
    1. The upstream sluice at Ry Mølle (Rodelundvej in Ry towards Mossø): Fishing is only permitted from sunrise (and not before 06:00 a.m.) to sunset.
    2. Downstream sluice: Fishing is permitted all day and night, but only from a boat during the night (from sunset to 06:00 a.m.).
    3. Landing is strictly prohibited at night.
    4. Access to private areas adjacent to lakes and rivers is not permitted. Boats are not permitted to moor or land in private areas. Any eels caught upstream from Ry Mølle, Ry Møllesø and Gudensø must be immediately released again, irrespective of whether they will be able to survive.
    5. Campfires is strictly prohibited adjacent to the association’s waters at Ry Nørskov, and will result in immediate confiscation of the offenders fishing card, an order to leave the area, exclusion from the association, and reporting to the police.
    6. Only fish species covered by the Danish Freshwater Fishing Act may be fished.
    7. All fishing in the association’s waters in Julsø must take place from a boat, but is also permitted from the bank at Ry Nørskov (the eastern end of Julsø). The rules governing access to the forest at Ry Nørskov must be observed (access to the forest is only permitted from 06:00 a.m. sunrise to sunset).

  6. Silkeborg Fishing Association has a number of Fishery Officers and a patrol boat on the lakes. Any person fishing in Silkeborg Fishing Association’s waters must immediately follow and abide by directions given by the Fishery Officer / fishery control.

    Anglers fishing in Silkeborg Fishing Association’s waters, must be in the possession of a valid fishing card from the Silkeborg Fishing Association and State fishing license. Please refer to the applicable rules for fishing license at

    You need to carry both your fishing card from the Silkeborg Fishing Association and state fishing license whenever you go fishing. Both cards and ID must be carried when fishing and shown upon request of the Fishery Officers / fishery control.

    Any member of the Silkeborg Fishing Association is entitled to check the validity of your fishing card, after showing their own membership card.

    Before you begin fishing with others, make sure, that they have both cards and ID.

  7. If you think that there has been any violation of the rules established by the board of directors, you are entitled to complain to the board. However only violations that occurred within the valid period of your fishing card.

    All complaints must be in writing and reasoned, stating the time, place and name of the person(s) complained of. Preferably with witnesses or photo documentation.

    If you want a complaint dealt with, please provide your name and address. Complaints must be received by the board no later than three days after the incident. The board will, if necessary, seek additional information by the parties concerned, and then decide the complaint.

  8. The board may impose fines, confiscate fishing cards or exclude members from the association for failure to abide by these instructions. Membership cards and day, week or year cards entitle the holder to fish in the waters shown at The fishing card is personal and must always be carried when fishing.

The Board of Silkeborg Fiskeriforening December 10 2019

Navigation rules

In particular, the following regulations are important:

  • Motor boats (including electric-motor-powered boats) on Gudenåen and the lakes, must be provided with a valid registration number. The number is available on Gudenaakomiteens website. The registration number is used only to identify the boats.
  • When fishing from the motor boat, the boat must have a legally registered number. Failure to abide by this rule may lead to confiscation of the offender’s fishing card.
  • Limited speed: Highest allowed speed is 8 knots and in several areas limitations are down to 3 or 5 knots. Please see the signs.
  • Limited boating: Borresø and Julsø includes several bird protection areas where boating is prohibited or motor powered boating is prohibited. Please see the signs. Motor powered boating is not allowed in the small lakes, such as Almindsø, Ørnsø, Slåensø etc. (in most lakes, this also includes electric-motor-powered boats).

Please see more at Gudenaakomiteens website for further information.